Tablet Banking

Tablet banking with online/offline mode can be sufficed by Android tablet. It can communicate with all required devices like Thermal printer, finger print scanner, dual contact smart card reader, magnetic card reader and LED.

Authentication of client credentials and all transactions and payments can be done by Android application which connects to cooperative core banking system on encrypted data and SMS channels. Tablet’s microphone and camera can be used by the app for notifications and registration of clients in the field.

Following are few advantages of Tablet Banking:

Market Differentiation and Leading Management

Mobility has transformed the banking landscape globally by opening up opportunities for banks to provide on time and on the go services to their customers. Organizations must now think beyond traditional brick and structures and adopt unique platform to create anytime-anywhere banking; the real market differentiation.

Field force is NMC first point of contact with the customer and can often be the difference between success and failure. Tablet Banking solution enables dynamic lead management capabilities for the field staff/agents while they are on the move.

Customer On-boarding

Many banks are switching to Digital Doorstep Banking improving consumer experiences wherein a Banking Staff/Agent walks in to NMC customer house and completes customer acquisition form filling as well as eKYC authentication in real time. This helps in faster customer on-boarding as well as saves time, effort and money for customer as well as bank. Due to its 7” wide touch screen interface, virtual QWERTY keypad, Network Connectivity Online/Offline and onboard finger print scanner is an ideal choice for TAB Banking.

Customer Servicing

Tab Banking solution is a flexible and reliable system that empowers field agents to initiate banking ‘on the move’. Field agents capture customer information (photos, citizenship copies, etc) on their tablet devices and initiate the eKYC process to validate it. They can then upload it to the core banking system and track the application status on a real-time basis or after returning to branch. Processes like account opening, collection sheet entry, individual loans repayment, account deposit and withdraw etc. can be easily managed through this application.

Field staff/agent empowered with the Tab Banking solution can also perform account servicing activities from the field itself. Customer requests like KYC update, address change and other request, etc. involve physical documents. Staff/agent can capture details of the service request, corresponding documents and customer’s signature on the tablet itself to initiate the process from the field, thereby eliminating the need for the customer to visit the branch. A reference number can be generated in the tablet for tracking. Instantly after uploading, the back office user can be notified and the request can be ready for further processing.


Tab Banking solution helps reduce the cycle time and bring greater transparency to the collections process. It enables collections centers to fetch the delinquency list along with complete customer details (account number, due amount, due date etc.) on their tablets. This helps them approach the customer in an informed manner. They can also update the system on a real-time basis with the payment updates that will trigger an immediate action from the central office. A robust tablet enabled collections process brings down the time lag between payment collection and its entry into the system considerably, enabling banks to better plan their finances. It ensures compliance with legislative mandates through seamless customer communication and expedited account reconciliations. Real-time MIS reports generated on tablet platform allows comprehensive audit trails, eliminating the chances of fraud of any manner.

BCP and Contingency Plan

Many Financial Institutions (FIs) do not have any secondary link in bank/cooperative branches which is mandatory in online and centralized system to operate interruptedly. Due to geographical location and unavailability of secondary ISP, FIs do not have any provision for failover intranet link in branches. Tablet can be used whenever NMC branches faces problem in NMC primary intranet connectivity to operate NMC CBS system. Tablet can be used as secondary failover channel to transact basic banking transactions like collection sheet or public deposit/withdraw.

Security and Authentication

Tab alone itself lack major authentication like biometric finger print read, magnetic chip card and does not support future expansions like dual contact smart card, etc. Hence, we recommend to use hybrid Tablet and Biometric Scanner and Printer. Tablet is innovative technology for increasing NMC staff productivity and efficiency without bypassing major authentication systems like biometric finger print and future oriented chip based smart card compatibility.

Tablet-Based Financial Education

With enabling tablet banking, NMC staff/agent may provide financial education and teach them about financial activities with different local saved audios/videos in memory which will be more fruitful to poor and illiterate peoples. This may act NMC marketing tool for giving knowledge about NMC financial products and services to NMC customer and might be good tool for business expansion. Tablets can be applied certain profile to avoid use of internet browsing, facebook, youtube, etc so that NMC data bandwidth will not be misused.

Innovation, Technology and Scalability

Tab banking is a compact and high performance 7 inch tablet integrated with various modules such as 2 inch Thermal printer, finger print scanner, dual contact smart card reader, magnetic card reader, USB host and device port, two serial Ports, LED and voice alert.


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